End of 2016-17 School Year Art Show

End of year self portraits

St. Gabriel Episcopal School presented an end-of-school-year  show on Friday, June 16th 2017, displaying art pieces we created through our art enrichment program. All students from our preschool and prekindergarten programs were be represented. Artwork included three-dimensional animal sculptures, architectural structures in habitats, hand-colored photographs, self-portraits, mixed media pieces, and cloth dolls. Hand-drawn peace flags were displayed in the church worship space. Each artist also had an “artist’s choice” piece where they chose their favorite art piece to exhibit. What these students created was amazing, funny and surprising.

The students also helped made two mosaic tables and a photography quilt that were part of a silent auction to benefit the school.

Our program for 2017-18 will include art enrichment all year long that will explore many different types of art media and techniques leading to major projects such as the paper Mache animal sculptures and architectural models in landscape displayed here. Supporting and encouraging art in the classroom shows how important art is to a Reggio Emilia-influenced

Paper mache animal sculptures

Art show attendees seen through the self portraits

Making peace flags

One of the mosaic tables- this one with a mandala design

Quilt made from the handcolored flower photographs

Architectural models made from patterns and set in landscapes

Hand-colored photographs taken and watercolored by students

program as art is one of the “hundred languages of children.”

Tempera paint

Preschool students painting their paper mache snake sculptures

Preschool students creating the fantastic arctic landscape for their igloo sculptures

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