Interfaith Spirituality at St. Gabriel Episcopal School

Spirituality Calendar St. Gabriel Episcopal School 2016-17

St. Gabriel Episcopal School offers a weekly spiritual time where students have an interactive age-appropriate spiritual experience that embraces all different world faiths, cultural traditions and various meditation techniques.  Books, Godly Play lessons, musical instruments and movement are all employed to enrich the experience and involve students. We believe that nurturing a child’s innate spirituality and making them spiritually literate is a part of learning about the world and leads to understanding and peace.

Sharing seder meal for Passover

Spiritual drumming with the Sunflower preschoolers

Exploring the labyrinth

Date Subject Presenter Activity
9/7/16 Relaxation backpack Page Students learned about practices for calm and peace through a guided journey.
9/14/16 Meditation games Page Students learned about practices for calm and peace through thoughtful games.
9/21/16 LouAnn
9/28/16 St. Francis Page Heard stories about how St. Francis helped and loved animals and how we can do so too.
10/5/16 Rosh Hashanah Miriam Students were read a book about the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.
10/12/16 Yom Kippur Page Students learned that on this Jewish holy day people fast, say “I’m sorry” and heard the Godly Play story of Jonah and the Whale.
10/19/16 The Parable of the

Good Samaritan

Page Students heard the Godly Play story and discussed who our neighbors are and how we should help them.
10/24/16 Why We Don’t Allow Weapon Play at School Page Students heard the story of how Reggio Emilia schools were created and how they promote peace and harmony and had a discussion about weapons
10/26/16 Diwali Page Lit candles and heard the story about the celebration and story of the Hindu New Year/Festival of Light
10/31/16 Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Page/Miriam/


Watched a video about the Mexican holiday to pray for  friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey and prepared a remembrance  altar.
11/2/16 Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Page How things we say and do can either fill or empty others people’s buckets- and our own.
11/9/16 Helping Others Page We went around the church and found all the ways that young children can help other people.
11/16/16 Giving Thanks Page We learned to count our blessings and appreciate what we have by looking at ordinary objects and thought how they could be blessings.
11/30/16 Advent/Christmas Page Heard the story of the annunciation, the journey of the Holy Family and the birth of Jesus.
12/7/14 Bodhi Day Page Buddha’s Birthday- heard the story of who Buddha (Siddhartha) was, how Buddhists celebrate and got a red string to wear.
12/14/16 Hannukah Page Heard the story of Hannukah, learned how it is celebrated and played dreidel.
1/4/17 Epiphany Page Heard the story of the journey of the Wise Men and smelled the spices they gathered along the way.
1/19/17 Martin Luther King Jr./Equality Page Learned who MLK was, acted out his “I Have a Dream” speech, and learn why all  people should be treated equally, loose parts faces
2/1/17 Lunar (Chinese) New Year Jennifer Learned about the traditionas and meanings of Lunar New Year (Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist).Read book with props, color in dragon’s eye to wake it up.
1/11/17 Taking Turns/Sharing Jennifer Students learned how to take turns, the magic phrase “Can I have a turn when you’re done please?” and played a sharing game.
2/8/17 Tu B’shavat Jennifer Learned about the Jewish New Year for trees, why trees and respect for living things is important, sample fruits and herbs, do some planting and a loose part tree activity
2/15/17 Emotion Management Jennifer Read When Sophie Gets Really, Really Angry, brainstormed techniques for controlling outbursts and anger-made classroom charts
2/22/17 Parable of Jesus Jennifer or Whitney Hearing how Jesus taught through telling stories- Godly Play parable of The Good Shepherd
3/1/17 Shrove/Ash Wed./Lent Marianne Students attend short Ash Wednesday service with Mother Marianne, the first day of Lent.
3/8/17 Practicing Self Care for Mind and Soul Page Students learn simple techniques to relax and center themselves anywhere they are
3/15/17 Sacred Drum Circle Page Students experience  meditative rhythm instruments and drums
3/22/17 Sacred Dance Page Students experience worship through movement and music
4/5/17 Passover Page Students shared a Seder meal and explored the Jewish observance of Passover
4/14/17 Christian Holy Week Page Students hear the story from Palm Sunday to Easter
4/21/17 Caring for the Earth Page Students hear the Christian story of Creation and how God asks us to care for the earth
5/5/17 Working for Peace Page Students read/discuss The Peace Book by Todd Parr, make peace rocks to scatter
5/12/17 Buddha’s Birthday Page
5/19/17 The Good Shepherd Page Students hear the Godly Play story of Jesus’ Parable
5/24/17 Ramadan Page
6/2/17 Listening and Looking for Holy Moments Page
6/9/17 Mentoring Others Page     
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