A Letter From Our Director

light table

Dear Families,

It is that time of year again to start getting ready for the new school year. For some this is an old routine whereas for others this is the beginning of a new chapter. I am coming to SGES with a background in teaching early childhood students through the Reggio Emilia philosophy along with an emphasis on program development. My goal as an early childhood educator is to provide a positive school experiences for the students which will create a community of life long learners. I am eager to get started working with your families to provide opportunities for each child to flourish and grow before our eyes!

Reggio Emilia is an exciting way to teach and learn because each cohort of students brings a new perspective to how learning can emerge. Reggio Emilia is a unique way of teaching because it entails that the lessons and activities emerge based on the interests of the students. This is a thrilling way to teach because we are able to target the interests and excitement of the students to create provocations which will then trigger further learning, interest and excitement amongst the entire class. I cannot wait to find out what experiences the students and teachers will share this year which will drive our learning.

Through exploring the interests of the students the teachers conquer the puzzle of how to include math, literacy, science, music and art in our daily activities. This is truly my favorite part of teaching through Reggio Emilia because it makes learning personal for each student. Perhaps the class is interested in fairies. Through art the students can draw fairies. The students can then use math to measure how tall their fairy drawing is. Through science the students can find ways to make their fairy creations fly through the playground. Additionally, the students can create stories and songs about their fairies to explore music and literacy.

We welcome you to visit our school to see our learning in action!


Thank you,

Miriam Agron
Academic Director and Head Teacher