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Creation of Art Show Auction Projects

Auction projects 2018 10

St. Gabriel Episcopal School students were given free reign to create a colorful abstract art piece with watercolors and oil pastels to form the basis of our three Art Show Auction Projects. When they had filled their paper with wild

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Building Structures in Prekindergarten

building 8 2018

SGES Prekindergarten students have had an explosion of interest this spring in building structures of all kinds, and teachers Becca and Gwynne have responded by providing provocations and materials of all kinds for our children to explore. Structures have ranged

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Spring Gardening and Nature Exploration at SGES

spring 12 2018

SGES students have welcomed spring and the warmer weather to get our community garden plot weeded and planted, and found a fairy garden there when we parted and peered past the weedy vines and leaves! Students have been observing, drawing,

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