Art Enrichment: Colorado Aspen drawings- chalk, pastel and crayon


One of Ms. Page’s photos of the Colorado aspens

In art enrichment with Ms. Page this week of September 11-13th, 2018, Ms. Page told SGES students about a trip she had just taken to Colorado to visit her daughter. Kelty took Ms. Page to Breckenridge where they got to see the aspen leavesĀ  turning color from green to yellow- it was spectacular! She showed photos she had taken and using those our SGES students made chalk, oil pastel and crayon drawings of the aspens. Students were instructed to draw the trunks with white chalk, the marks on the trunks with black crayon, and the leaves with yellow and green oil pastels.

Art enrichment time at SGES is one of the few times where students are given directions and instruction in their artwork, which is generally student-driven. Doing the same art project together teaches students techniques for the various art media, practices following directions, learn observation and composition, and to rejoice in the beautiful differences in each art piece despite the directions.

The results were glorious! Can’t wait for fall……


Student comments during art making:

Ellie: I’m making a lot of trees with two chalks at once!

Katie: It [the pastel] feels smooth.

Christian: It feels different [chalk vs. pastels].

Everleigh: Why are all the trunks white?

Hayden: I make my leaves like this.

Katie: Some trunks are green and black.

Hana: Trunks can look like this.

Wyatt: I really like my trees- look at them.

Vidya: My paper is brown- no one else’s is.

Norah: How can I show the trunks aren’t together? They look all together like one tree. [We used a Q-tip to remove chalk from paper.]

Students practice on scrap paper with various media

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