Artist-inspired Art Projects Ready for Our Art Show June 7th

Since February 2018 our students have been spending each week with our art enrichment specialist Ms. Page, learning about famous artists and then doing an art project based on that artist’s work. We have had fun and tried all kinds of media to create each artwork. Our little masterpieces are completed and ready for our end-of-year art show! Here is what we created and will be on display on Thursday, June 7th:

Georges Seurat: Pointillist Warm/Cool Moon Paintings

Henri Matisse: Abstract Paper Cut Collages

Kehinde Wiley: Power Self Portraits

Georgia O’Keeffe: Skyscapes with Floating Natural Objects

Pablo Picasso: Cubist Self Portraits- Can you guess which is who?

Faith Ringgold: Patterned Quilt Squares

Takashi Murakami: Superflat Flower Sculptures with watercolor carp streamers

O’Keeffe skyscapes paintings- our first step in this art work

Drawing the floating natural objects for the second step in our O’Keeffe art works

Liquid watercolor skyscape paintings for Georgia O’Keeffe art pieces

Drawing floating objects for skyscapes with crayons and pastels

Skyscapes in progress

Our Picasso cubist self portraits with paper and pastels- so funny and silly!


Tools for our Picasso self portraits

Painting our Murakami flower sculpture bases

Busily painting


Working with warm and cool color palettes and painting with Q-tips to try Seurat’s Pointillism.



Moons in progress

Beautiful moons

Paper cutting and pasting for Matisse abstract collages

Matisse-inspired art in progress


Ringgold projects in progress

Finished Ringgold Patterned Quilt Square art piece

Choosing patterns for Ringgold pieces

A happy, surprising result!

Making patterned wallpaper backgrounds for Wiley art piece

Wiley backgrounds for power portraits

Posing for our Wiley power portrait


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