Building Structures in Prekindergarten

SGES Prekindergarten students have had an explosion of interest this spring in building structures of all kinds, and teachers Becca and Gwynne have responded by providing provocations and materials of all kinds for our children to explore. Structures have ranged from small world designing, to using recycled materials, blocks with clay mortar, painting and building with blocks, up to creating large inhabitable structures with large pieces of cardboard using plastic saws,  screwdrivers and screws. Students have been sketching their ideas and collaborating with their building. Imagination and learning abound!

Building with recycled materials

Wooden blocks with clay mortar

Large scale building with plastic saws, screws and screwdrivers

Bridge building with wooden blocks

Experiencing failure is part of our learning process- what works, what doesn’t work.

Ramps and bridges

Testing structure strength

Altering our building materials

Stacking and balance are an important elements in building

Playground slide design

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