Circles and Crayons Art Instruction October 2017

St. Gabriel students have been exploring circles and crayons with Ms. Page the last two weeks.

The first week we started out practicing drawing small circle shapes. This helps students learn to gauge the size of things on the page within a composition, and the week after they will move to a larger circle shape that covers their entire paper, an important concept in artwork. Drawing a basic shape over and over also help students with pen and pencil control- connecting what they have in their brain to what their hand does.

Students made their circles with black fine-tipped Sharpie markers and also learned how to use and care for these tools- along with the discussion of the permanence of the ink! The students loved the feel on the Sharpies on the paper and the dark lines they produced. They were asked to draw six or so circles on their paper (shown an example about the size of  fifty cent coin).  

Next we looked at what is a fairly ordinary art tool- crayons. We looked at a tray that had the various colors laid out and observed how many colors there are. They each chose a crayon and practiced coloring inside one of their shapes very faintly, with just a little pressure.

Then they chose another circle and using the same crayon, pressed down harder as they colored in the shape. Wow! Two colors in one crayon!

Emily: Look at the purple- all the different crayons I drew on. This is what I need to make a super rainbow.

Ben: The blue crayon got some yellow on it and now I can color green with one crayon. I made a green crayon!

Some children were very free-form with their coloring, some very careful and deliberate. Both were wonderful to see. 

They then were asked to choose two very different crayon colors, like blue and orange or red and purple. Then they colored in another circle with  of the crayons, then turned their paper 90 degrees and colored in the same circle with the other color crayon. They found they invented a new color! Students were then asked what they would name their color.

Ben: Rainbowish color.

Ruby: Party eggs.

Ama: Brownshhhhh.

Emily: Batman’s eggs.

After some free-choice additions to their art pieces we discussed what the circle drawings looked like.

Emily: Planets.

Remi: Marbles or eyeballs.

Ruby: Rainbow circles.

Isla: Bubbles.

Asha: A comet storm, “the keenest squall.”

The next week we had an orange pumpkin in the middle of the art table. Students were given a pencil and paper and asked to observe the pumpkin and then draw what they see (representational drawing). They were asked to make the pumpkin shape cover most of their paper, but leave room to draw the stem. Students were surprisingly adept at this task and maybe even surprised themselves.

They then saw how there were lines doing down vertically on the pumpkin and some of them drew those.

Then we put out a crayon tray with lots of hues of orange, along with some light browns, grays and light greens for the stem.

We practiced coloring our pumpkin shape, using at least two different colors of orange, and then trying to capture the difficult-to-pin-down stem color- tannish greenish grayish.

Some students couldn’t resist putting a face on the pumpkin or add other details to tell a pumpkin story- many involving Halloween, which they are VERY excited for. A few of the students also chose to draw a more difficult gourd.

Ruby: This pumpkin is a girl and her name is Mia, and her friends are Riah, Leah, and Liam. They are different colors of orange.

Asha: This is a scary pumpkin with a spooky face. This picture is about Halloween and her name is Angela.

Emily: I made a hand to hold the pumpkin and a ladder.

Remi: It’s a pumpkin with a spider web and a face, and a spider and a ghost.

Ben: I’m making a pumpkin calendar. My pumpkins play tic-tac-toe. To keep track of the days all the way from 1… 39. (Ms. Page: Wow- that is an extra long month!) No- after 31 it goes into November. There is a pumpkin right here so we know this is still October.

Our representational pumpkin and gourd drawings will be posted in the school/church entryway this week!


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