Exploring Natural Clay

SGES students started exploring natural, local clay in December 2018 which was the beginning of a long-term art enrichment project.

First, we took off our shoes and socks and rolled up our sleeves and had a full sensory experience with the clay, touching it, punching it, jumping on it, rolling it, poking holes in it, making dinosaur footprints in it, laying on it, throwing it down with a splat, and having lots of fun getting to know it!

“It is cold and hard.” 

“Now it’s warm and softer.”

“Listen to this funny sound it makes.” (Slapping it.)

“I can’t believe it is made out of rocks.”

“It is getting between my toes!”

“It kinda looks like a pancake, or pizza.”

“It feels weird.”

“I can balance [on it].”

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had in art!”

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