Found Object Collage at Home Instructions 2/19/19

Dear SGES Parents: SGES is starting on a three week “found object” art enrichment project.

Today your child is bringing home an egg carton which is their “object collector.”

Your child should look around their room, your house, in the yard, outside in nature, or anywhere you go to find small objects that can become part of their collage. These items should be little enough to easily fit into one of the egg holders in the carton and be things your child would not mind gluing onto an art piece. You do not have to fill the carton- just bring what they find. Be sure and let them to make the decision-making and choosing themselves. Here is an example of very full cartons:

The goal of this art project is to empower students to make decisions and make choices; to practice cutting and gluing techniques; to explore color, texture and shape; and to open their imaginations to the questions, “What is art?” “Where can art come from?”  

Prekindergarten Owls need to bring their carton back to school no later than Tuesday, Feb. 26th.

Preschool Hummingbirds need to bring their carton back to school no later than Thursday, Feb. 28th.

Please give the carton to Ms. Page or any teacher.

Thanks for your help in getting a new project going!

Addy: I’m going to put these pieces on all the edges. Let’s see…should I do pink next? I’m going to cut a big piece of pink paper and give a piece to Katie.

Katie: Thank you! Did you see what Addy gave me? I’ll give her this circle I cut.

Norah: I love picking out the paper because it’s like going shopping for paper! I’m going to glue this onto this other piece of paper and it will be magic when it dries.

Hayden: Mine kinda looks like space and planets.

Wyatt: I’m going to leave parts of mine plain because I like it that way. That’s the way I want it to be.

Christian: None of mine is plain- I could keep going. I have sparklies all over!

Vidya: I tried this paper puncher and it worked! It’s going to go right here.

Ellie: This shape of paper looks like weird glasses. My grandma has a sleep mask that is purple and looks like this.

Hana: I don’t need help with the paper punch ’cause I have them at my house. I know how to do it. I can help people if they need it.

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