Our Learning Community- Teachers

We consider relationships to be the fundamental, organizing strategy of our educational system.” Loris Malaguzzi

Our SGES faculty consists of lead and enrichment teachers with college degrees partnered with creative and enthusiastic assistant teachers with years of teaching experience who recognize developmental norms, value individual differences, and inspire a desire to learn. As co-learners with their students, they are eager to observe, research, and support a student’s natural exploration of the world. Best practices are applied while modeling the same behaviors fostered in children including treating each other with patience and respect. Parents are invited to be involved with teacher meetings and collaboration, volunteering, potlucks and celebrations, and will find support and friendship with other parents. Together, teachers, students and parents create an inclusive and instructionally powerful community and learning environment, which allows them to question, wonder, and discover.


Lorea Weckert, Academic Director and Lead Teacher Preschool Classroom

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Lorea (pronounced Lo-REE) is our Academic Director and our lead teacher for the 3-4 year old Mariposa preschool class. She holds a degree in Child Development from California State University and has had extensive experience as a nanny and preschool and kindergarten teacher, both in the states and abroad. Lorea’s formal training and experience is a great match for our preschool. The fact that she loves creating, growing and learning with students is in step with our Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum.

Besides spending time with her husband and children, Lorea also enjoys running, traveling, camping, backpacking and more.


Jessie Garrett, Assistant Teacher Preschool Classroom

Jessie is the assistant teacher in our 3-4 year old Mariposa preschool class. Look for Jessie’s bio soon!


Rebecca Matsumoto, Lead Teacher Prekindergarten Classroom

Rebecca is the lead teacher in our 4-5 year old Sunflower prekindergarten class. She holds an Early Childhood Education Certificate from Lane Community Collage and a B.A. in Japanese Language and Asian Studies from the University of Oregon. She speaks Japanese and Spanish. Her practicum was spent in a Reggio Emilia-inspired prekindergarten classroom. This is her third year teaching. Rebecca believes in nurturing a child’s interests and in teaching social skills as a foundation for future success.

In her spare time Rebecca loves to read, watch live theater, roller skate, dance, walk in nature and share fun experiences with her husband and two children.


Gwynne Cecere, Assistant Teacher Prekindergarten Classroom

Gwynne is the assistant teacher in our 4-5 year old Sunflower prekindergarten class. She has been working in schools for the last 10 years. She finds joy working with children, hearing their ideas, watching them create, and expressing their personhood. Along with her work her at St. Gabriel School, she spends her afternoons as an Assistant Extension teacher at Oregon Episcopal School. She also teaches and assists within the summer program there.

Gwynne was raised in Connecticut and lived for many years in the Carolinas, finally finding home here in Portland in 2013. She enjoys traveling, camping, and being outdoors with her husband and daughter.


Page Clothier, Creative Director/Art and Spirituality Enrichment Teacher

Page designs and presents art enrichment activities and spirituality for SGES and has been teaching and developing curriculum for children in the Bethany area for many years. She is the Family Minister and the Head of Children’s Education for St. Gabriel Episcopal Church. She directed St. Gabriel/St. Bartholomew summer VBS program for 5 years and now is writing curriculum and teaching art at St. Gabriel Art Camp. Page was a Beaverton Art Literacy Coordinator for 15 years as well as serving as a Curriculum Developer and Board Member. She created and ran an after-school art program ‘Splat and Squiggle’ in Beaverton schools as well as teaching for Young Rembrandts and at Piccolo Mondo. She completed the Portland Art Museum Docent Training Program and runs her own art and curation business ‘Velvet Leaf’. Page has a BA in Fine Arts from Oregon State University, with undergraduate work at the University of Oregon.

Page has a grown daughter and son and loves living and working in the Bethany area.


The Rev. LouAnn Pickering, Head of School, Chaplain

Raising the Alleluias (4) LouAnn 3-9-14The Rev. LouAnn Pickering began serving as Vicar (and now Rector) to St. Gabriel Episcopal Church in 2004, and having an Episcopal  preschool connected to the church has been a dream fulfilled for her. Prior to St. Gabriel Mtr. LouAnn served as Chaplain to Oregon Episcopal School from 1985-2007, her last two years being part time at both institutions. Mtr. LouAnn’s early years at Oregon Episcopal School were spent primarily in the Lower and Beginning Schools, where she spent time teaching in each classroom as well as leading chapel 2-3 times each week. Every major religion is represented at OES, and Mtr. LouAnn developed programs dedicated to helping all feel welcome.

She writes: “A chaplain’s job is to keep hearts open to the possibility of the Holy and let the Holy do the rest.”