Our Mission

“…the image of the child as rich, strong, and powerful. The emphasis is placed on seeing the children as unique subjects with rights rather than simply needs. They have potential, plasticity, the desire to grow, curiosity, the ability to be amazed, and the desire to relate to other people and to communicate.” Carlina Rinaldi

Preschool student Reggio Emilia outdoor activity

The mission of St. Gabriel Episcopal School is to provide a nurturing community and empowering environment dedicated to teaching young children to thrive in the world through learning experiences based on imagination, creativity and curiosity.

Our Episcopal-based preschool and prekindergarten program embraces the principles of inclusion, respect, compassion, service and social justice. It is important to us to preserve the dignity of students and staff and to take responsibility for creating a climate of cultural competency.

In our education community we encourage self-directed learning, partnered with and supported by teachers. Our learning involves body, mind, and spirit in developmentally appropriate practices.Imaginative play in Reggio Emilia classroom