Parent Testimonials: Why Choose St. Gabriel Episcopal School For Your Child?

Why choose St. Gabriel Episcopal School for your child’s Preschool or Prekindergarten?

  • Episcopal Schools have a long tradition of excellence. We are Episcopal-based and embrace all faith traditions.
  • We are centrally located in the Bethany area on West Union Road within 2.3 miles of eight elementary schools: Bethany, Rock Creek, Springville, Oak Hills, Jacob Wismer, Lenox, McKinley and Findley.
  • We provide an innovative and creative child-centered program based on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.
  • Our lead teachers are educated in Early Childhood Development and have extensive teaching experience. All teachers attend additional yearly professional development.
  • Our Atelier “enrichment specialist” offers additional long-term art and leaning experiences to students in all classrooms.
  • Our school is non-profit and our mission is to provide our community with quality educational opportunities.
  • We are creating a community of learning and support where children, families and teachers work and play together and form lasting friendships.
  • Parents are the most important people in a child’s life.  Parental involvement bridges a child’s life from home to school. Their participation in a child’s education positively affects a child’s school performance, fostering higher academic achievement and greater social and emotional development.Community building parents and students

At SGES, we welcome and encourage family involvement in the classroom,  field trips, community events and other volunteer projects.  Here are a few things our parents have said from their time at SGES:

“I am very grateful to have stumbled into St. Gabriel’s Preschool 3 years ago. I will never forget on my first visit, we had to step over “Leprechaun traps” (it was St. Patrick’s day) down the middle of the hallway to get into the classroom. The room was filled with creative displays of objects and decorations, a light table and…no desks! Honestly, it was not immediate. Afterward, I reflected on the lack of “letter of the day” type of learning, and instead kept thinking of those darn Leprechaun traps. The voice inside said “play is enough”, and that’s when I knew it was the perfect place. It was exactly where we needed to be. My oldest attended both classrooms and is now thriving at Oregon Episcopal School. This fall he has come home ready to spell words and recite math facts (“2 and 2 is 4”). St. Gabriel’s prepared him in ways beyond my understanding, and ability, to recognize patterns, a deep connection to story-telling, song and belonging that, believe it or not, is the foundation for reading, problem solving and math skills. The teachers are great with each differing kid’s personality, as now I am experiencing with my second in the preschool class, and help them to explore and be excited about the world around them.”

Sara- November 2019


“St. Gabriel is a hidden gem. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my child’s first year of school. The teachers are wonderful. My son had a hard time being away from me, and his teacher, Ms. Lorea– who is also the director– was so kind and comforting towards him. The class sizes are small (about 10 kiddos) and there are 2 teachers per class, so everyone gets attention. The kids have ample time outside, and even go on nature walks as the year progresses. There are also quite a few gatherings through out the year, like holiday potlucks, that built a nice sense of community in the school. I’d 100% recommend St. Gabriel to anyone with preschool/pre-K aged kids.”

Stephanie- October 2019

“We could not have found a better preschool for our daughter. Each class at St Gabriel Episcopal School has two teachers and 10 students. This low student to teacher ratio allows the teachers to tune into the curiosity of each child. The teachers are fabulous and do a wonderful job of sparking a love for learning in each child.

St Gabriel School is a Reggio Emilia inspired school, so the days are filled with exploration, discovery, collaboration and art. We highly recommend St Gabriel Episcopal School!”
-Diana, October 2019

“Our daughter had the privilege of attending St Gabriel School the year of 2018/2019 in the three and four year old classroom. We had received rave recommendations for St. Gabriel School from parents of former students so we looked into the school and from the moment we talked with the teachers and administrators we found ourselves feeling quite fortunate for our daughter to have a place where warm, skilled, patient, talented teachers and staff could introduce the school environment to our daughter.

We found Ms. Lorea, the assistants, Ms. Page (the art and spirituality teacher), and Kathy to all be wonderful! They are dedicated caring people who treat each child as the valued individuals they are and respect each child’s stage of development patiently assisting them as they begin to learn social, emotional, and academic skills.

The teachers listened to our concerns and input and provided detailed organized documentation of the students learning with photos, emails, and a binder for each child’s art, activities, quotes, and learning activities. Much care is taken for parents to feel informed and included.

The children are provided with various daily opportunities for learning inside the classroom with sensory tables and pretending, books read to them, lots of outdoors free explore time and walks. The children also receive spirituality time and art each week, on top of many other craft activities given by the main teachers. They also receive a healthy snack.

To help build community within the school St. Gabriel School had almost once a month get togethers where parents, caregivers, and other family members could meet at St Gabriel’s for a lunchtime meal and gathering celebrating various holidays and seasons. The annual fall field trip to a pumpkin patch was lots of fun also! Parents were able to meet other parents, get to know the teachers and other students.

We left our daughter’s time at St. Gabriel School feeling so so very grateful for her time there and missing the school itself as the staff were always so welcoming, kind, understanding and had the best interest of each child and family in mind. We could not have loved her time attending St Gabriel school more!

We recommend St Gabriel School to everyone we can as even though it is a small school its heart and capabilities are on par with any other Portland area preschool as far as skilled teachers, opportunities the children receive for learning, and open-mindedness to different families religions or spiritual backgrounds. We would very highly recommend St Gabriel Episcopal School to anyone!” ~ K, October 2019

St. Gabriel has been our rock during the preschool years for my two girls. The school constantly stretching the kids’ imaginations and opens up their interests in learning in ways that I feel I would not have been able to do in the same way at home. Building a community among their classmates, my girls learned how to navigate social situations, as well as what it takes to get along with others and what it means to be a friend. While you don’t overhear memorization or other types of more traditional teaching methods, the kids are well prepared for grade school. As my oldest has completed her Kindergarten year, I was so pleased at how well prepared she was at the beginning of the year! Our time at St. Gabriel  has come to an end, but it was a wonderful experience and such a wonderful “start” to the school experience. Our family gives St. Gabriel our highest recommendations and the school and everyone who has worked there will always hold a special place in our memories and hearts. ~Michelle, June 2018

“St. Gabriel Episcopal School offers a great Reggio-based environment with a full spectrum of materials and experiences. The curriculum is tailored to the children; the inquiries they have and the topics they want to explore deeper. The program is reasonably priced and the teachers are engaged in my child’s success. This is demonstrated through the portfolios and consistent communication.  Our daughter has developed friendships with other students, and teachers, due to the close-knit community fostered at the school. She has also learned good verbal conflict resolution skills and, at her request is now attending five days a week.” ~ Christina

“Our family is so grateful to have found St. Gabriel Episcopal School. The list of things we love about the school is long, from the wonderful, engaging materials in the classroom to the sense of community among parents. I think what matters most to us, though, is knowing that our daughter is not just cared-for but known for who she is and who she is becoming. Her teachers really know her – her interests, her learning style, her personality, her strengths, and the skills she’s still working on developing. They make her feel comfortable while at the same time gently helping her grow. The teaching staff has a plan, not just for “kids generally of this age,” (which is what we found at so many schools we visited) but for each student individually. And it makes such a difference.” ~ Kristin

“Our daughter loves attending St. Gabriel Episcopal School and looks forward to going every day. The Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum allows her to express her creativity in ways that are natural to a four-year old, whether painting, drawing or working with clay. Students also get to spend a lot of time outdoors exploring and learning about nature, which she also enjoys. Her experience at St. Gabriel is preparing her for success as a kindergartner.” ~ Michelle

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