Puff the Magic Dragon Film Project

For winter 2018 SGES students have chosen the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” to build a film performance on. They learned the song before winter break, and on their return to school they have begun to collaborate on what their film will entail.

Preschool students have chosen what part they would like to play, with several Jackie Papers, lands of Hanalei, and magical Puffs. They will collaborate with Ms. Lorea and Ms. Kristin to design their costumes. They will also work with Ms. Page to design and paint a backdrop for the film.

Prekindergarten students will collaborate will Ms. Page for a few weeks to design and create a large, movable Puff puppet to manipulate during the film.

On Thursday, January 25th at 11:15 am students will do the performance which will be filmed and available for viewing either on our website or on our Facebook page.

Families and friends are welcome to attend the filming. Check back on this post to see the progress as our collaboration progresses!

*************************************************************************************************************Today, Tuesday January 9th the prekindergarten students came together and watched a video of giant dragon puppets carried in the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. Then we brainstormed what OUR dragon would look like. After the discussion, here is our description of Puff:

Puff is almost always friendly- but can get angry.

Puff has one big eye and one little eye.

Puff blows smoke and fire.

Puff is green, pink, purple, gold, and silver- in other words, rainbow.

Puff has 2 wings (maybe one more hidden one).

Puff has 4 legs, 4 toes on front feet, 5 toes on back feet with no claws.

Puff has stand-up scales on his tail but not his back.

The end of Puff’s tail is an arrow shape.

Student then used their choices of acrylic paint to paint butcher paper to cut colorful scales from. Students will practice laying down a pattern of scales in the classroom this week and Monday and will Tuesday Jan. 16th then do the same with their chosen dragon part. 

Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Sarah will work with the class to find the fairest way to choose who will hold which area of the dragon puppet for the film.

All kinds of applied learning, happening here like pattern-making, negotiation and fairness practice, cooperation, collaborative thinking and brainstorming, making choices, planning, and designing—-all stemming from a friendly dragon named Puff!



Wednesday January 10th the preschool Mariposas discussed where the “land of Hanalei” is and what it looks like. After some discussion, here is what they decided:

The land of Hanalei is in Hawaii. 

There is an erupting volcano with red lava and gray smoke. There are orange, yellow and brown beaches, and some palm trees. The ocean is blue, purple and black.

The sky is blue with white clouds, and the song happens during the day.

The next day the class painted the first stage of the backdrop with Ms. Page and Ms. Kristin.




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