Staying Strong in Community: SGES Online Learning Program Guidelines

In response to Oregon schools shutting down to combat the Covid-19 virus, starting Monday, March 30th, 2020 SGES is providing online learning for our preschool and prekindergarten students for the rest of the 2019-20 school year.

Our online curriculum started with the Reggio Emilia themes we left on the last day of school attendance and will continue to build on children’s developing interests and season–based provocations added as we go along. Teachers will continue to collaborate and design provocations based on developing themes. Each week families will receive daily provocations and we will have live online classroom meetings via Zoom on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We will provide supply packets periodically that parents can pick up at school.

Please know that SGES is offering this online curriculum to keep our students learning on established themes, keep our community in touch, and to reduce the feeling of isolation. You are not required to do any of the assignments or projects- they are ideas and suggestions. 

  • Here is what families can do to get ready:
    Reggio Emilia Collaboration: If you or your child has ideas for shared projects or expresses interest in any subject please send them to us! Doing Reggio Emilia online will depend on this.  
  • Check your email: Check your email regularly- online learning will be there, and will not be offered on our public Facebook or Instagram pages. The exception will be spirituality, which will be offered on Facebook as well as another video sharing app TBD. Email is also the best way to contact us. To contact Lorea email her at Our new online learning email is
  • Google Docs: Download Google Docs onto your computer and/or smartphone if you don’t have it. 
  • Zoom for Meetups: We will be using the app  Zoom for school meetups on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which will enable us to see each other’s faces and talk or hear a book read aloud. During instruction children’s voices will be muted unless they are called on by raising their hand. You don’t need to download Zoom- we will send a meeting link via email and you click on that link to join the meeting. You can join with a computer (suggested), smartpad or your smartphone. 
  • Zoom Meetup Times: Get prepared to have you and your child ready to have a regular meetup time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 9:00 am and 9:30 am. Kids (and you) can be in pajamas!
  • Printer: Make sure your printer is working with black ink to download lists, art projects, and so forth. If you don’t have a working printer, please contact us and we will help you figure something out. 
  • Materials/Supplies: For any art, science or literacy projects we offer, we will try and use ordinary and common materials most people probably have at home and don’t have to shop for or order. If you need help gathering any of these materials, please contact us and we will try and find a way to supply them to you. 
  • Art or project expectations, especially for Preschool 3-4 year Chameleons: Present the lesson as suggested and let go of any specific expectations. They will still use their imagination to think about the provocation, even if the result isn’t apparent. What looks like scribbles or messy play to you may have great meaning to them and is part of their learning process. Just have fun. 
  • Documentation: If your child produces work you can either keep (such as artwork on paper) or take a photo of and print or send to us, please ask your child what it portrays or what they would title it, and write that, the date, and their name on it. We will collect these if at all possible and fill up their portfolios. If this is not possible, you can have them to add them to the portfolios yourself.
  • Pinterest: If you don’t have a Pinterest account, set one up at so you have access to links we post and search for ideas yourself. You don’t have to set up interest boards but you may want to. This website is a treasure trove of ideas to keep your child engaged, entertained and learning. To see SGES’s Pinterest page go to
  • Imaginative Play: Help your child set up a “fort” of some kind that can be used for imaginative play. Find a place where it can stay set up if possible, in the corner of their room, in a closet (provide lighting), under a table, between two chairs, in a small pop-up tent, etc. Use sheets or tablecloths to cover the top to create a place to play in. Put pillows or little stools on the floor.
  • Spirituality Lessons: Wednesdays live online meetings will be our Spirituality. These lessons provide spiritual literacy, whether your family observes a specific religion or not. When we speak of G-d, it can mean whatever your family believes and practices, whether it is a religious tradition, secular humanism, agnosticism, or just generally talking about the universe and world communion. We don’t say what God is specifically and we celebrate holidays from all mainstream religions in a two year cycle. We practice meditation, prayer, and learn about kindness, charity, and taking care of the earth and each other.  You can grow your child’s innate spirituality by supplementing this lesson with your own explanations, asking and answering their questions, and discussing the lesson together. 
  • Follow us on Facebook and  Instagram. While your child is engaged in any school activities, please take photos of them and send them to us- we will post them on our pages. Please know our pages are public and we will not list any children’s names in any post. 
  • Recyclables/Reclaimed Trash: Start saving and keeping a box or bag in your garage or recycle area to save interesting pieces of packing, cardboard, plastic, egg carton, straws, containers, or anything that could be used to construct or make art with. You’ll be surprised what you come up with.

See you online! Ms. Lorea, Ms. Jessie, Ms. Gwynne, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Page

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