Spiritual Time at SGES


The story of St. Francis and the love of animals

Each Wednesday preschool and prekindergarten students at SGES spend some time with Ms. Page to learn about spirituality including meditation, sacred music, stories from world religions, and how to love and care for each other, ourselves, animals and the earth. So far this year we have practiced meditation by playing games using breathing and our imaginations; learned when to take turns and when to share; and drew pictures of what we think G-d looks like. Upcoming interactive presentations will include Yom Kippur, Who is St. Gabriel, and St. Francis and the love of animals. Children have an innate spiritual nature and we love to celebrate the various faiths represented in our school, as well as encouraging religious and cultural literacy and understanding.

What does G-d look like?

What does G-d look like?



Lighting candles on the altar to get ready for prayer


Day of the Dead altar

Diwali light procession

Diwali prayers

Making Diwali chalk welcome mat for good luck



Trying out the good luck doormat

Lighting Extended Advent wreath candles





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