Spirituality at St. Gabriel

At SGES we practice the Episcopal educational tradition of tending to our students’ spiritual development along with their intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and physical growth. While we follow the Episcopal Liturgical Calendar we also learn about the faith traditions of the world and value teaching respect and understanding of all religions. Interspersed are lessons such as meditation and yoga, friendship, taking turns, care of the earth, what to do when you feel angry, and working for peace. Lessons run on a two-year cycle but are flexible to respond what is going on in the classroom and in the world.

Each Wednesday we meet with our spirituality teacher Page Clothier or Rev. LouAnn Pickering+ (who is known to our students as Mama Lou) for an interactive lesson that may involve storytelling with props, acting out in drama, engaging with materials, movement and music, or whatever lends itself to our subject. Afterwards we follow up the lesson in our Reggio Emilia- influenced classrooms by providing responses and provocations based on what we learned so children can process and work with what they have learned. (Our spirituality lessons have continued online after our social distancing measures.) We do not push any particular belief system on our students beyond those of love, peace, and justice. Our aim is to nurture children’s innate spirituality and provide them with spiritual literacy. To see our 2020-2021 spirituality calendar go here.

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