Spring Gardening and Nature Exploration at SGES

SGES students have welcomed spring and the warmer weather to get our community garden plot weeded and planted, and found a fairy garden there when we parted and peered past the weedy vines and leaves! Students have been observing, drawing, collecting and documenting in our nature journals. We have been collecting, studying and planting seeds to grow small seedlings for our plant fundraiser. We have gathered, drawn, dismantled, and crushed flowers and petals with a mortar and pestle. We have gone on nature walks to find what new flower is blooming- as of this writing it is lilacs, rhododendrons, dogwood, azaleas, and irises, while the tulips, daphne, and grape hyacinths have faded. On our latest nature walk we walked 1 1/2 miles! Happy Spring…..

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