Creation of Art Show Auction Projects

St. Gabriel Episcopal School students were given free reign to create a colorful abstract art piece with watercolors and oil pastels to form the basis of our three Art Show Auction Projects. When they had filled their paper with wild strokes, fun color and crazy lines, a color copy was made of the original, and then the originals were cut into squares and leaf shapes to decorate the three items for a silent auction as a fundraiser for the school.

We decorated a hand-built cabinet with colorful vines, a growth chart with vintage book page birch trees and colorful leaves, and a canvas covered with a grid of the cut squares of our art pieces and a quote from Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of Reggio Emilia, “Nothing without joy.”

Parents, church members, friends and family all bid on the items and three families took them home.


Auction Project: Hand built painted wood cabinet with collaged leaves made of student artwork and branches made of book pages from “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

Growth chart wall hanging on canvases. You can write children’s names and heights on them as they grow! Collaged leaves from student artwork and branches from vintage children’s dictionary.



Collage with quote from Reggio Emilia Founder Loris Malaguzzi, collaged squares made from student artwork on recycled canvas.

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