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Found Object Collage at Home Instructions 2/19/19

Dear SGES Parents: SGES is starting on a three week “found object” art enrichment project. Today your child is bringing home an egg carton which is their “object collector.” Your child should look around their room, your house, in the

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We Created a Neighborhood

SGES Students used the skills they learned in Part 1 of our clay exploration and created 3-D architectural structures by rolling natural clay out flat, laying a paper pattern down and cutting it out, then forming it into a three

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Exploring Natural Clay

SGES students started exploring natural, local clay in December 2018 which was the beginning of a long-term art enrichment project. First, we took off our shoes and socks and rolled up our sleeves and had a full sensory experience with

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Art Enrichment: Colorado Aspen drawings- chalk, pastel and crayon

  In art enrichment with Ms. Page this week of September 11-13th, 2018, Ms. Page told SGES students about a trip she had just taken to Colorado to visit her daughter. Kelty took Ms. Page to Breckenridge where they got

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Artist-inspired Art Projects Ready for Our Art Show June 7th

Since February 2018 our students have been spending each week with our art enrichment specialist Ms. Page, learning about famous artists and then doing an art project based on that artist’s work. We have had fun and tried all kinds

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Dragon Making Song

While working on attaching hand-painted scales to our giant Puff the Magic Dragon puppet, part of the prekindergarten Sunflower class broke into a song inspired by one of them cutting a circle-shaped scale. January 16, 2017

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Clay Exploration- Messy Fun! Art Instruction November 2017

SGES Preschool and Prekindergarten students have spent November learning about and working with natural, local clay with Ms. Page! Week One Nov. 1-2: Students were given the chance to take their shoes and socks off, wash their feet in warm

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Circles and Crayons Art Instruction October 2017

St. Gabriel students have been exploring circles and crayons with Ms. Page the last two weeks. The first week we started out practicing drawing small circle shapes. This helps students learn to gauge the size of things on the page

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Our Paper Mache Animal Sculpture art enrichment project- April 2017

SGES students in the Sunflowers preschool class and PreK Agents class both started a new art enrichment project with Ms. Page in April 2017. The first step was to choose a plastic figurine of an animal they wanted to sculpt from observation.

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Our “Structures in Landscape” art enrichment project- March 2017

Teachers in both the Pre-K and preschool classrooms had been observing that the children had become very interested in building. The various types of blocks including wooden, magnetic and Legos were being explored daily inside the classrooms with students creating

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