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Outdoor Play and Learning

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At SGES we are committed to spending as much time outdoors as possible every day no matter what the weather. Children learn to love nature, how to navigate the world, how to observe and dress for the weather, have dramatic

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Our Playground Improvements by Eagle Scouts December 2017

new terrace 2

Many thanks to a hard-working group of Eagle Scouts led by Henry Gillespie who created a hilled terrace on our Reggio Emilia-influenced playground at St. Gabriel Episcopal School. The scouts and their families braved wet December weather and worked for

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One Day in a Reggio Emilia-Inspired Outdoor Classroom 6/5/15

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Lots of learning can happen on any playground on any day. Here is what went on one day in June 2015 on St. Gabriel Episcopal School’s outdoor classroom with some simple but thought-out provocations by teachers and some curious students.

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