Who Lives in Your Fairy House?

Spring fairies have landed in our Mariposa preschool classroom! A fairy door appeared one day and ever since students have been exploring fairies with loose parts, imaginative play, small world and art work.

One day students made Fairy houses with clay and loose parts.

Who lives in your (fairy) house?

“I hid the door on the inside so the fairies can stay there.” – Everleigh
“I’m going to move to a new house with a pink room for me.”- Ellie
“Just a blue and red fairy.”-Noah
“Me and the pink and purple fairies.” – Christian
“It’s a girl fairy house”-Katie
“Me and the fairies.” – Hana
“Me and the orange fairies.”- Wyatt
“They live in this house”. – Vidya
“The fairies do”- Addy


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